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You have two hearts - a physical one and a spiritual one. Your spiritual heart seeps into every conversation. It dictates every relationship, impacts the intensity of your communication, and exaggerates your sensitivities and insensitivities. Everything passes through your heart. And just like your physical heart is susceptible to disease, your spiritual heart can also fall prey to "heart attackers." We are sometimes tempted to just treat the day-to-day symptoms that stem from an unhealthy spiritual heart while ignoring the deeper issues. But as is the case with the physical heart, eventually the root problem will become the real problem. And just as a heart attack has the potential to destroy your body, so spiritual heart disease has the potential to destroy you and your most valuable relationships. In this five-part series, Pastor Raymond Woodward shares valuable information on how to diagnose - and cure - the imbalances that plague your spiritual heart.

Cross My Heart (2007)

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