September 2020

22-Money Talks Family Finances Group (7pm)

27-Parking Lot Corn Boil & McGuires Concert (6pm)

October 2020

4-Kids Sunday with Pastor Matt (11am)

6-Ladies Prayer (7pm)

11- Heritage Sunday with Rev. H.M Lewis (11am)

   - Songfest with Dave & Roma Ferrell (6pm)

13- Money Talks Family Finances Group (7pm) 

16-17- Atlantic Youth Retreat with Rev. Justin Mackenzie

18- Youth Sunday with Pastor Matt (11am) 

     - Youth Sunday with Rev, Braden Brewer(6pm)

20- Ladies Book Club- Uninvited (7pm)

24- Atlantic Multicultural Ministry Open Mic event

25- Family Sunday with Pastor Jack & Kathy Leaman

    - 'Indivisible' Movie Showing (6pm)

27- Money Talks Family Finances Group (7pm)