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An A.C.E. School

The A.C.E. curriculum is a Bible-based curriculum Kindergarten to Grade 12. The curriculum is a uniquely individualized learning program for students. Students will complete an online diagnostic test. This test will place students in the curriculum at their performance levels.

Academic achievement is one of the greatest strengths of Accelerated Christian Education. Graduates from the A.C.E. program are attending more than 1,400 colleges and universities globally with outstanding performance.

The A.C.E. program is designed around the format that builds skill upon skill. The scope and sequence ignores the concept of grade level and moves with continuous progress beginning with the first skill to be mastered. Depending on the students ability and motivation levels, students may move ahead rapidly or take as long as necessary, but each student masters the material.

The Learning Center

Below, you will see a sample ACE Christian School learning center set-up, of which we will adapt a similar layout.

Our goal for the first academic year would be to have 15 students enrolled in the school. We will have two staff members this year at the school.

Each area would be supplied with computer stations and software required for the academic studies.


Our Staff

The Details


Who Can Apply?

For the first year or two of our school, applications are only open to families that regularly attend Capital Community Church. Fee structure is set in place with those requirements in mind.

School Uniform

Most ACE schools have a uniform. We will have a school polo or hoodie that the students will wear during classroom time and outings. For class time, girls can wear black skirts and boys can wear black pants along with their school shirt. These items will be available through a local company and will be available to order early summer (provided to you at cost).


Eco-Friendly Design

We may have fundraisers periodically which we encourage families to get involved with! This will not go towards school expenses, but be put into a activity/social fund that the students can use towards equipment, activities or outings.

Multilingual Functionality


In your final Graduation Year, there is an optional $350.00 fee that provides you with a ACE transcript, along with a nationally recognized ACE Diploma. These are vital documents to have if you are planning to advance to university post-secondary education. We will provide a diploma certificate from our Capital Christian School for no additional Graduation Fee. 

After School Program

Daily Schedule Sample

8:15—8:30                               Arrival Time

8:30—8:40                              Devotions

8:40—10:00                            PACE Session 1

10:00—10:15                           Nutrition Break

10:15—12:00                           PACE Session 2

12:00—12:20                           Lunch

12:20—12:45                           Outdoor Lunch Recess

12:45—2:10                             PACE Session 3

2:10—2:20                              Afternoon Break

2:20—3:00                             Music, Gym, French, Arts, Chapel

3:00—3:15                              Clean up

3:15—3:30                              Dismissal/Pick up

Academic Fees

24/7 Support

To honor our families that faithfully invest into their church through tithing, we have a two–tiered pricing system. This will be reviewed on an annual basis.

2024—2025 Year (Grades 1-12)         

Tithing Families*                   Regular Fees
Per Child  $2,600                  $3,600
2nd Child $2,400                  $3,400
3+ Child    $2,200                  $3,200

*A faithful tithing household is one who gives 10% of their income (or minimum of $2,500 tithes annually). Any amount less than $2,500 tithes per year would be considered under the regular fees structure.

2025—2026 Year (Kindergarten)

Schedule and Pricing To Be Determined.

Payment Schedule

Payment can be made in one of three options (via cheque or EFT)

One payment made on July 1st.
50% paid July 1st, 50% paid January 1st.
Twelve payments beginning July 1st. 
52 or 26 payments beginning July 1st.

Curriculum Fee

There will also be a curriculum fee for each academic year for your child’s PACES, and can be paid annually or monthly.
                                        Annually        Monthly
Grades 1-4                    $298.00          $30.00 (Sept-June)
Grades 5-8                    $324.00          $35.00 (Sept-June)
Grades 9-12                  $346.00          $40.00 (Sept-June)

2024/25 Annual Schedule

Here is a sample schedule of how the first academic year could be laid out. 

Monday, August 26                Staff begin
Wednesday, Sept 4                Students begin
Monday, Sept 30                    Truth & Reconciliation Day
Wednesday, Oct 9                  Friend Trip Day
Monday, October 14               Thanksgiving
Monday, October 28               PD Day (No school)
Monday, November 11           Remembrance Day
Friday, December 20              Last day for Students
Monday, January 6                  Students return
Wednesday, February 5         Field Trip Day
Monday, February 17              Family Day
Week of March 10-14             March Break
Friday, April 18                         Good Friday
Monday, April 21                      Easter Monday
Monday, May 19                      Victoria Day
Friday, May 30                         PD Day (No School)
Wednesday, June 11              End of Year School Trip
Friday, June 13                       Last Day (for Students Ahead)
Friday, June 20                      Last Day of School

Sign Up Here! 

Student Interest Form

Thanks for applying. We will contact you soon!

If you are interested in enrolling your child(ren), please fill out the form below for each student. Our staff will then reach out regarding any questions you may have, and provide you with a complete registration form. Registrations will be granted in the same order as Student Interest Forms received. 

Ways You Can Get Involved


Capital Christian School has many opportunities if you would like to volunteer your time. If you are interested in any of the following, please let us know or send us an email at

· Literacy—listening to children read or listening to children recite their spelling words

· Language—French

· Physical Education

· Fine Arts—Music, Art

· Home Economics—Sewing, Cooking,  Community Outreach, Life Skills

· Carpentry and Construction (set up of center)

We will also be accepting donations of the following items:

· Books for Library

· Games and Creative Building Toys for Elementary

· School supplies

Volunteer Sign Up
Areas to Volunteer (please check all that apply)
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