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On Wednesdays of August 9, 16, 23, and 30, we are going to break up into various Community Groups for four weeks! We are excited about this opportunity as you can learn some practical knowledge and connect with others in your church family in a casual setting. Plan now to attend one of these groups. We encourage everyone to participate and take advantage of this opportunity to connect and grow together! Sign up below!

No events at the moment
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Would you like to become a prayerful person? You can be. Many of us struggle with how to pray or to pray more effectively. Through this book class with facilitator Jack Leaman, you can see your prayer life transform from good, or even broken, to something beautiful. (Books are recommended but not required, and will be available for purchase for $30 in the class)
Group Leader: Jack & Kathy Leaman

Join our "Love Your City" Community Group, where we come together to give back and make a positive impact in our city! Through various acts of service projects and initiatives, we aim to spread love of Jesus, compassion, and support to those in need. As we come together in unity and generosity that defines our church family.
Group Leaders:
Kelty O'Donnell, Dawn Polchies, Talmadge Corney

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Join our "Money Matters" Group, where we gather to discuss practical strategies, share financial wisdom, and support one another on the journey towards financial freedom and stewardship.
Group Leader: Tony McAffee

Embrace the great outdoors and join our Outdoor Recreation Group, where we come together to enjoy nature, engage in recreational activities like hunting, archery, fishing, and more!

Group Leader: Brad Brooker

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Java Jumper.png

Indulge in meaningful conversations and warm beverages at our "Java Jumper" Group, where we gather at a different local café each week to foster connections, discuss life's joys and challenges, and build a supportive community over a cup of coffee.
Group Leaders: Derrick & Maddie Larlee 

Join our Cultural Cuisine Group, where we celebrate the cultures of our church family through the universal language of food. Experience a culinary journey as we explore various cultural cuisines, exchange recipes, and share stories that highlight the unique traditions and flavors from around the world. Let's come together, taste new dishes, and deepen our understanding and appreciation for different cultures within our community.
Group Leaders: Jeremy & Nicole Long

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Join our Games Night Group, where we come together for an evening of laughter, friendly competition, and fellowship, as we play a variety of board games, card games, and team-based activities that foster a sense of fun.
Group Leaders: Eric & Annette Porter

Discover your creative side and join our Church Quilting Group, where we gather to stitch, share stories, and create beautiful lap quilts together. The cost of participation is $45, which covers the materials and supplies needed for this wonderful opportunity to connect and craft.
Group Leader: Tabatha Baird
(NOTE: please bring a sewing machine with you)

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Embark on a refreshing journey of fellowship in our Walking Group as we explore the picturesque Fredericton trails, fostering a sense of community while enjoying the beauty of nature together.
Group Leader: Virginia Sutton

No events at the moment
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