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Vessels of Honor: Overflow
As we make disciples in this generation, we have to explain principles, not just demand practices. We have to teach people WHY, not just tell them WHAT. And that is actually a very good thing, because if you simply adopt practices without ever knowing the principles behind them, you set yourself up to be distracted by endless debates over trivial details.Our earlier series “Vessels of Honor” was about discovering many of the specifics of holiness. But this series is more about desiring the very Spirit of holiness. That is the “OVERFLOW” that goes beyond mere doctrinal compliance, to let us understand the heart of a holy God, to realize His purpose in having a holy people, and to joyfully submit to the protective commands of the Scripture.Join us for this five-part teaching series as we unpack fifteen principles that will illuminate your understanding of the beauty of holiness.


The download folder includes all five MP3 files.


(Audio Download) Vessels of Honor 2019: Overflow

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