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Contrary to the experience of many religious people today, becoming a Christian is not like joining a social club, where you simply pay your dues once in awhile, hang out occasionally with casual friends at the group's facilities, and sit back to reap the prestigious benefits of 'membership.' No, becoming a Christian in the biblical sense of the word is more like enlisting in the army. We find out immediately that a conflict is raging with eternal consequences for us and for others, and that every experience of our new life with God is actually training for this intense spiritual warfare. The good news is that our Commander is a brilliant military strategist, and He has already defeated our Enemy hands down. However, He has left it up to us to enforce every day in earth's trenches the victory He has won in the Heavenlies. The book of Ephesians serves as a Believers Boot Camp, teaching us that the church is equipped with vast spiritual weaponry in order to accomplish this very task. All that remains is for us to unseal our marching orders, take up our weapons, and storm the gates of Hell. Victory is ours if we fight for it! In this six-part series, Pastor Raymond Woodward shares serious training for serious Christians. (Part 1 is available on CD only and included as CD in both the CD and DVD sets)

Believer's Boot Camp (2008)

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