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Cross Reference (2021)

This series will help you understand the plan of the Scripture and the plot of the Bible, so you can better understand its purpose in your own life as you read and study God’s Word. And as you see God’s grand outline unfold, you will begin to see the Bible’s “CROSS REFERENCES" unfold as well! Because God’s Word is written with the end in mind from the beginning, and with the CROSS at the center of it all!


Over the course of this study, we will examine ten sections of the Scripture, in six lessons: LAW (Genesis to Deuteronomy), LAND (Joshua to Ruth), REIGN (1 Samuel to 2 Chronicles), REBUILD (Ezra to Esther), POETRY (Job to Song of Solomon), PROPHECY (Isaiah to Malachi), CHRIST (Matthew to John), CHURCH (Acts), TEACHING (Romans to Jude), and TRIUMPH (Revelation).


This download folder contains all the notes and powerpoint files for the series. No audio or video files are included in this folder, but can be found at

(Notes & PPT) Cross Reference Pastor's Pack

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