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Dirt Poor (2021)

In ancient times, animals were often housed under the same roof as the poor people who used them to make a living, so a dirt floor was the only practical option in their dwellings. Only wealthy people could afford something other than dirt for their floors. And so, over the years, across many cultures, there arose a familiar expression – “dirt poor.” Did you know that Jesus’ first parable reveals that most people (at least three-quarters of them) are “dirt poor”? The soil of their life simply will not sustain spiritual growth, because they never allow the Word of God to take root. The sower doesn’t change, and the seed doesn’t change, but our heart can prove fickle. It can appear one way on the surface, but underneath present a totally different reality. And that’s why Jesus teaches us that the human heart – like the soil of a field – can be hardened, or shallow, or strangled, or fruitful. You will be blessed by this in-depth study of one of the Master’s most familiar stories.


This download folder contains all the notes and powerpoint files for the series. No audio or video files are included in this folder, but can be found at

(Notes & PPT) Dirt Poor Pastor's Pack

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