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Endtime Enemies (2022)

A global Covid-19 pandemic, a war between Russia and Ukraine, and a culture that has turned upside down and inside out. These are just some of the “Endtime Enemies” that the church has dealt with over the last few years. As the world becomes increasingly sinful, and the devil gets more vicious in his attacks, it sometimes feels like everything is spiralling out of control. But the church has a more sure word of prophecy, pointing to the Light that shines in a dark place, and that’s why we can face the last of the last days with a firm confidence in God.


A Lion in the Streets

Two times in the book of Proverbs, Solomon tells of a man who cries, “There’s a lion in the streets!” This man isn’t a coward, he’s a sluggard. He’s not afraid, he’s just lazy. So to justify himself, he deflects attention away from the truth by creating an illusion that others will accept. The lion in Proverbs is not real! It is only an excuse that exists in the sluggard’s imagination, in order to justify his procrastination. And so, Solomon’s writing begs the question: “Where are the lions in YOUR life?” What are the excuses that have held you back in serving God to the fullest? Because we are certainly living in the era of excuses! There is certainly danger in our streets, but it’s not from lions – it’s from laziness!


A Bear from the North

Jesus said that He would return when signs of the times were happening more frequently and with more intensity than ever before – but that people wouldn’t even notice because they were too preoccupied with their lives.! And He was addressing these comments to His disciples - to us! According to a comprehensive study by Lifeway research, only one-third of Protestant pastors believe in the Rapture any more, and even fewer in non-Protestant denominations believe it. But Jesus talked about the Rapture, and so did the Apostles. The Bible still teaches us there will be a Rapture, and the Apostolic church still believes in the Rapture! Just because we’re not expecting it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen!


A Snake in the Grass

From the very beginning, the devil has been known as a serpent. He is cunning and crafty, devious and deadly; he is evil personified. In eternity past, his insane envy and pride caused him to lead a rebellion in Heaven, and God cast him out. His banishment is permanent and irreparable, and there are no second chances, because the devil sinned before there was a devil. For 6000 years of human history he has tried to fight God, promote sin, prevent salvation, and hurt humanity. The devil’s worst nightmare is that you would get the second chance that he never got, that you would avoid the place called Hell that he is destined for, and that you would get to live in a place called Heaven that he can never return to! And that’s why the father of lies has launched a sinister spirit of deception against humanity in the endtime.


This download folder contains all the notes and powerpoint files for the series. No audio or video files are included in this folder, but can be found at

(Notes & PPT) Endtime Enemies Pastor's Pack

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