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Living In Light of the End: A study of Thessalonians (2020)

From the day Jesus ascended into heaven, His followers have always lived in expectancy of His return. He told them He was coming back, they believed what He said, and that hope impacted every day, every detail, and every decision of their lives. It still does. But keeping your focus on THAT day can be challenging when you’re just trying to get through THIS day. In his two letters to the Thessalonians, Paul corrects some misconceptions that cause Christians to live either too casually or too fearfully. And he teaches us that the purpose of prophecy is not speculation, but motivation. We don’t need to figure out exactly when Jesus is coming, we just need to be ready whenever He does. Because there is nothing more liberating than living in light of the end.


This download folder contains all the notes and powerpoint files for the series. No audio or video files are included in this folder, but can be found at

(Notes & PPT) Living In Light of the End (Thessalonians) Pastor's Pack (2020)

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