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Selfie Series
Our smartphones wake us, entertain us, remind us, and guide us. They make every part of our lives and every one of our thoughts immediately capturable and shareable. They have literally become an indispensable window to the world around us. No generation has ever had to learn how to use such powerful technology before, and how this generation chooses to use their smartphones will have far-reaching, and even eternal, consequences. On average, we spend two hours a day using social media (unless you’re a teenager, then it’s up to nine hours a day). The opportunities are unprecedented, and so are the dangers.


In this four-part series, we study both the potential and the perils of the “Selfie” generation, learning how to evaluate our personal use of social media and technology in light of the Scripture. Because anything we use that much can easily become a distraction. And distraction is the enemy of discipleship. You owe it to your “Selfie” to take the journey with us!


This download folder contains all the notes, handouts and powerpoint files for the Selfie series. No audio or video files are included in this folder.

(Notes & PPT) SELFIE Pastors Pack

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