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The Last Word: A Study of the Gospel of John (2022)

It’s accurate to say that the Apostle John has “the last word” about Jesus in the New Testament, because his Gospel, three epistles, and book of Revelation are the final documents written by any of the Apostles. As he puts pen to parchment more than sixty years after Pentecost, John knows he is the only “original” voice left, the sole surviving Apostle of the First Century for at least three decades. So, when John writes his gospel account sometime after AD 90, he really does have “the last word” on the Lord Jesus. And so everywhere we look, John emphasizes not just what Jesus did, but what Jesus said, and who Jesus is. He is the Word made flesh, He is Deity become humanity, He is the Mighty God in Christ, He is Jehovah of the Old Testament become Jesus of the New Testament. Because, if we lose that revelation, no other revelation matters. Join us as we journey through John’s gospel, “the last Word” on the Lord Jesus Christ.

This download folder contains all the notes and powerpoint files for the series. No audio or video files are included in this folder, but can be found at

(Notes & PPT) The Last Word Pastor's Pack

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