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There is a widespread assumption in basically all world religions - including Christianity - that we must somehow "measure up" in order for God to accept us. Where did that idea come from? Do you believe it? If someone asked you if you are going to Heaven, what would your kneejerk reaction be? Would you instinctively associate your behaviour with your acceptability to God? Don't you think that is why a lot of people avoid church? Or why a lot of Christians live under condemnation? Or why a lot of Apostolics struggle with the Scripture's teaching about our lifestyle convictions? Could it be that they feel like God has given a bunch of rules for no real reason except to "prove" us? That way of thinking has done more to alienate people from God than any other idea in history! But ironically, if ever God has sent the world a message, it is this message - you won't ever find acceptance with God through your behaviour! How in the world have we missed that?! The secret to the connection between God's RULES and the RELATIONSHIP that He wants to have with us isn't just a New Testament concept - it is also buried in a familiar Old Testament event that we know as the giving of "The Ten Commandments." In this five-part series, Pastor Raymond Woodward shows us that these "commandments" are really "commitments" - we do them not because we are trying to merit a relationship with God, but because we already have one!

The Ten Commitments (2008)

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